Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

August 9th session

New city blues

The group has been hiding out with Hybrids for Humanity in a safehouse in the south of Boston. Quint, the dolphin hybrid which the group rescued, introduces them to a member of the Trogs, a group which uses Boston’s abandoned subway and highway tunnels for safety and transport. Unfortunately, the group gets lost, and encounters a couple of mutant Beetle Rats. They were dealing with them fairly well until Dummy decides to spray them with automatic gunfire. While this does kill the rats, every Trog in a mile radius has temporary hearing loss from the gunshots reverberating off the tunnels. The group is delivered to their destination and told not to come back.

Through links with the local Catholic Diocese, Sister Maria ends up connecting with an underboss of Callahan’s Mob, the Irish mob in Boston. They’re given some paying work: spy on a meeting between the local terrorist group Scions of Liberty, and a data security company called DIT. After determining the identity of one of the meeting participants, the group breaks into his car to plant a bug on his shoe. The bug affixes, and the group sits in a stolen car in the office’s parking garage listening to the meeting. Turns out Scions of Liberty are expanding their sphere of influence from Boston and Atlantica to try to coordinate bringing the free city of Chicago into the NAC fold. And who is orchestrating this move? William Bradbury, former ACC security director and board member of DIT.

Sister Maria comes up with a quick plan. Using the Scientology techs they rescued, the group is able to place a bounty on Bradbury from Scientology. Thanks to Armind Cruise’s press conference about the murders orchestrated by Bradbury, it seems convincing enough to stay on the system. Then, as Bradbury exits the building to go to his car, the group blocks him in, bags him and tags him. They deliver Bradbury to a local Scientology center, and the woman at the front desk has no idea what’s going on. They take Bradbury into custody, but insist on holding the group and their payment until they can figure out what’s going on. Having none of this, Dummy drives his (stolen) car through the front of the building, and the group makes a hasty escape.



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