Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

December 13th session

Conspicuous behavior

A call was made to Subarashii, and the rep flew back out to Boston. Sister Maria got back in touch with Quint, and Herbie was hidden away with Hybrids for Humanity and the Trogs.

The rep paid 2000 credits per head for the security of their information, and dinner between her, Sister Maria and Iggy was more pleasant than last time. While on overwatch in the same Cadillac limo they drove back from Canada, Hayate got a phone call from Hoffmann. Turns out the rep’s flight from Tokyo had lit up some monitors at Ravenlocke, and they were inbound. Hayate makes the call to the Sister, and sees the black SUVs start to pull up as the trio indoors pay the check and begin to leave. Unfortunately, Dummy only sees the bus from his favorite Journey tribute band, and cranks the stereo. A limo playing journey…the Ravenlocke mercs make the connection immediately and pull into the restaurant. Two mercs begin disembarking from their SUV, and Hayate immediately opens fire. He drops one merc, but sprays bullets into the surrounding area and civilians start screaming. What was to be a peaceful exit from the restaurant turns ugly as the other patrons start running for the exits. The Subarashii rep makes it to the limo, but Iggy has to make sure the Sister gets in safely. Hayate tries to cover their tracks with a flashbang, which dazes the mercs in one of the SUVs As the other SUV moves to box in the limo, Dummy pulls a smoky burnout to pivot the car around and get moving. One of the mercs shoots out one of the limo’s tires, but Dummy keeps flooring it. Around this time, the police show up, and seeing the gunshots from the SUV shine their spotlight on it. The still confused driver of the front SUV begins to give chase, but is stopped by a rapid attack from Iggy’s monowhip, which fouls the suspension and causes the vehicle to spin out…right into the limo.

At this point, Dummy whips a J-turn, barely missing Iggy and scraping out into the night with one SUV in tow. The sister makes a “panicked” call to the police, who then open fire on the pursuing SUV, which loses control. The limo limps out, carrying them safely but out of commission for now. Hoffmann calls the sister back, explaining that Ravenlocke had been monitoring them since they extracted Herbie. As soon as they saw that the group had convinced a Japanese executive to get on a plane on a moment’s notice, they thought they were dealing with something good. Before anything else could be said, Truehart came on the other line. Apparently William Bradbury had been released from Scientology headquarters, and instead of heading back to the ACC or anywhere in NAC, he got on a plane to Chicago…site of Ravenlocke headquarters. The plot appears to be thickening, so Truehart gets the group a meeting with Chimera before things get even more complicated.



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