Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

December 6th session

Herbie's daring escape

Hoffmann tipped off the team that the hacker who had stolen their TAP data was an independent operator working in the Great Lakes Union, and that Pinkerton analysis of his activity had traced him to Toronto. Indeed, Herbie was under house arrest in his apartment after Ravenlocke believed he was involved in Hoffmann’s data theft. Truehart authorized an extraction mission, and provided the team with a new member: “Doc”, their patchman.

The team headed to Toronto in a military-spec diesel VW van, painted up in camo. Dummy’s friends also saw fit to provide a copy of Journey’s seminal 1980 album, “Departure”. Upon making it into the city, Doc scoped out the apartment under the pretense of renting a unit, since his TAP ID had never been scraped by Ravenlocke. Sister Maria headed to a local underworld spot, where she was able to get guidance from a local Irish tough named “The Patrick”. From his explanation, it sounded like Herbie had gotten in over his head with Ravenlocke, and was looking for a way out. Using Doc’s information about the building’s floor plan, she began to come up with a plan.

Using a relatively cheap quadrotor drone and hobby-shop walkies, the team sent a walkie talkie to Herbie’s window in order to establish an unmonitored communication link. Sister Maria then took a chance using a pay phone in The Patrick’s bar to send a coded message to Herbie in order to get him to open the window. The scheme paid off, and Herbie confirmed his desire to escape. Iggy’s “otaku mode” came in handy for getting Herbie some tools to help him make a master key for the building; the guards were suspicious of the tiny Japanese girl for prurient rather than security reasons. Once Herbie got the tools, he hustled to the second floor, where the team extracted him to the van. However, Herbie’s destruction of his old computer equipment was a tad (thermite) enthusiastic, and as such the fire alarm was set off in the entire building. This tipped off the guards, but Dummy was able to goose the old van hard and make it out of the city. The team switched vehicles to an old stretch limo, and made use of copious Journey songs and “kawaii” to avoid attention.



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