Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

July 19th session

And on again

The crew has started to get settled in Syracuse, when they hear that Mr. Bradbury of the ACC is speaking at an event near them. Not wanting to take risks, they prepare to pull up roots again; before they leave Rich Truehart has a job for them. Quint, an on-the-ground operative for the group Hybrids for Humanity, heard that his life may be in danger from operatives at the ACC and wants to head to Boston. There was one thing that Quint was interested in: rumors that the ACC had been emboldened by their successes with Scientology, and moving against other groups they didn’t like, namely Zeeks and Hybrids.

After hearing the the ACC had left one of their mobile command centers in police lockup, Sister Maria came up with a plan. Thanks to one of her contacts she found a sympathetic police officer who was willing to run any data in the vehicle as part of an “audit”. After that, Truehart’s IT staffing division would take care of the rest. The team was able to get the data, and warn their Scientologist hacker friends about the ACC movement prior to getting in Quint’s van and heading towards Boston, the capital of Atlantica. As they were crossing into Massachusetts it became clear that they were being followed. They got off the highway and Dummy wound the van through some winding backroads…eventually their pursuer was unable to keep up. His car went though the guardrail and over an embankment, rolling several times. Like a good nun would, Sister Maria went down the hill with Hayate to render aid. The driver was relatively young, and told them about the ACC and who was working for Bradbury. Bradbury’s group was mostly church “volunteers” working for the group to avoid jail time or other community punishments, which explained their amateur mistakes and, as the driver said “playing soldier”.

The rest of the trip to Boston was uneventful. When Quint made it to the Hybrid section of town in Roxbury, he offered to connect the team with a guide to the Boston Underground, the disused highway and subway tunnels under the city which are probably one of the best places to hide in all of Atlantica…



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