Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

July 5th session

The roadtrip continues

Rich Truehart had a few tricks up his sleeve to get his employees far out of Delaware before Scientology took notice, and the team scattered to the wind. Sister Maria led up a smaller contingent to go meet up with the organization who bought out their Scientology hostage, the American Conclave of Churches. Asked to provide security for the hostage handover, the smaller crack team of Sister Maria, Dino and the bounty hunter Hayate were joined by an old android named Dummy, salvaged from a (I kid you not) Android Demo Derby League of some thirty years past. He brought along with him an old Buick Roadmaster, with straight pipes and geared for the demo course. Not ideal transportation, but it would have to do.

Scientology had negotiated the handoff in an abandoned paper mill, likely to keep their failures away from the press and the celebrity members. In going to scout the area, the ACC dropped a hint that the tech team who had set up the Simulacrum heist were being transported back to the Scientology Center in Chicago, where they likely faced execution, or worse. Both Sister Maria and Truehart himself have minds for social justice, so it became a secondary objective quickly.

However, the mission looked fishy from the getgo. After setting up a forward base in an abandoned humane society building, Hayate scouted the area and found a large number of vehicles set up at several locations. Contact with their ACC liaison had provided denial that they were even in the area at that time, yet there were two mobile command trailers and heavily armed men who were not Scientology-aligned. Indeed, Hayate found the Scientology contingent, which included a relatively high-ranking official.

Thanks to Dino’s psychic monitoring and hacking, the location of the hacking team was quickly discovered. Given the incongruities in mission description, Truehart was willing to can the mission, but not until the hackers were out safely. Dummy brought the car around while Hayate sabotaged the Scientology vehicles to prevent a chase. After loading everyone into the station wagon, the crew borrowed a spike strip deploying device from the local police (thanks to the Sister’s connections) and headed for Atlantica, fearing the worst.

The team reached the Atlantica border and crossed uneventfully. It was around this time that they received a cryptic message of thanks from their ACC liaison, one William Bradbury. It was also around this time that it became clear what had happened: The ACC massacred the Scientologists there, using the opportunity as cover to kill two high-ranking officials, even though one was a hostage.

Pattern Solutions narrowly escaped direct association with this crime, but also helped it occur, through their recon work and accidentally by slashing the tires on the Scientology vehicles. It’s not clear what either ACC or Scientology will do next, but that’s not foremost on Rich Truehart’s mind as he tries to get his new team settled into a new home base in the Atlantica city of Syracuse.



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