Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

November 1st session

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder

Shortly after the first “hot extract” in the history of the archdiocese, the Cardinal of Boston has a sit-down meeting with the Pattern Solutions team and Hoffmann. Using his arcane and archaic whiteboard technology, he outlines his vision of power structures in Boston, pointing out the church’s gaps in outreach. He also writes up a bit on the C-7, gleaned from the Powerpoints that Hoffmann stole. In the C-7, LaCroix Enterprises is using a shadow religious group, the URF, to protect their interests and their religious freedom. Another C-7 corporation, Helios, is based in NAC and believed to support their political and religious interests. The rest of the corps are ostensibly unaligned, but there are whispers of certain groups beginning to pick sides. The group finds a target of interest that overlaps in Japan: Subarashii, the computer corporation which invented dubbing, is neutral in the C-7 power struggle. Meanwhile, the Yakuza, specifically the Yamaguchi-gumi, have a small powerbase in Boston and Atlantica that the Cardinal believes they’d like to expand. To further expand this particular interest, Iggy the android used to work for Subarashii, and Hayate was raised by a Yakuza kyodai (underboss) after his family was killed.

In an attempt to reestablish contact with Subarashii, Iggy calls up his one contact, his deceased boss’s former administrative assistant, Hitomi Nagako. In order to get through official channels, Iggy tells Hitomi about the data breach the group experienced in Chicago. Suddenly, after about 3 minutes of records checking, Hitomi is on a plane bound from Tokyo to Boston.

Suspicious at this sudden turn of events, the group is now quite curious about what Iggy is hiding. Dummy hooks up his own system to Iggy’s and finds an encrypted block of files, disguised to look like a secondary OS for cyberware. Inside the file block are Iggy’s boss’s e-mails, a raft of technical documents, and a few dozen powerpoint presentations (cue groans from everybody). Looking through, it appears that Subarashii is colluding with Chimera to make Subarashii’s dubs work best with Chimera’s simulacra and bioroids. When Hoffmann comes in the room, he confirms this sort of secret collusion is the type of stuff that would cause the entire C-7 to devolve into a corporate war. Hayate and Sister Maria are barely able to keep a straight face, but Hoffmann is still none the wiser about the contents of Iggy’s brain.

Iggy and Sister Maria meet Hitomi in a swanky sushi restaurant in Boston’s financial district, while Hayate and Dummy keep overwatch in a borrowed taxicab. Hitomi is not pleased that the group broke the file encryption, but acknowledges that they are the ones who have the best chance to recover the stolen data. While the data breach was done on behalf of Ravenlocke during the group’s extraction from Chicago, they don’t know much about the hacker, as he didn’t pursue them directly after they reached the lake. Therefore, Sister Maria and Iggy agree to find the hacker and figure out where the data is. Meanwhile, Hitomi reveals the likely consequences of this issue to Iggy: his boss, Shuzo Iwahara, is going to be “resurrected”: his dub is going to be uploaded into a new body so he can do corporate-level damage control.

The group has precious few leads on the hacker that broke into their TAPs, other than the fact he was hired by Ravenlocke and was quite good at his job. But the clock is ticking: while the files were both disguised and not Ravenlocke’s primary target, it’s only a matter of time before someone in the Ravenlocke information security office decides to break the encryption and cause some serious problems…



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