A tank, a talker, and a tender of the bar.


Race/Species: Hybrid

Occupation: Bartender

Street Cred: 2

Agility: d8
Fighting d10 (Hand-to-Hand), Driving d6 (4 Wheels)

Smarts: d6
Notice d6 (Visual+2, Body Language), Streetwise d6 (Combat Zone), Taunt d6 (Verbal)

Spirit: d6
Intimidation d6 (Physical), Persuasion d6 (Diplomacy)

Strength: d12

Vigor: d6

Athletics d6 (Running)

Edges: Chromed

Hindrances: Code of Honor, Habit (Minor), Loyal

Augments: Advanced Subdermal Armor, Advanced Muscle Augmentation

Gear: BKI Knight Errant Body Armor, BKI Kite Shield, ED UnderArmour

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6
Parry: 8
Toughness 5+7(9)=12(14)
Armor: 4+1+2+(2) = 7(9)


Urthwyte wasn’t modified into a hybrid, but rather born as one, with honey badger traits spliced into his DNA. That’s about all he knows about his birth, because he was orphaned at a very young age. There are some hints uncovered over the years that his parents were killed by anti-hybrid extremists, but little conclusive proof.

His earliest memories, though, are pleasant ones. He was given to Sister Maria’s orphanage and was raised there, and all in all he considers himself fortunate that way. While often encouraged to maintain a moral life, he was never discouraged from striking out at those who would hurt the innocent. He sometimes wondered at this whenever he read official church doctrine, but was never surprised to hear it coming from Sister Maria. She was a fierce old nun, that was for sure. Eventually her efforts to protect her charges led to several dead scum breathing their last and the Mother Superior of the Streets spending time behind bars, and the orphanage was closed.

Urthwyte spent several years drifting, eventually landing a steady gig as a bartender at several different establishments. His services were actually often in demand, in part because bars could save money on bouncer fees; Urthwyte’s genetic lack of patience for fools meant he would often jump the bar to deal with troublemakers himself, no matter who they were. Even so, provided nobody caused any trouble he was notoriously indiscriminate in the quality of his service. Provided you paid your tab, minded your manners, and tipped within reason you would get a drink regardless of affiliation or reputation.

Eventually, however, Sister Maria got in touch with him, and he made his way to Rehoboth Beach to help her out. Urthwyte was, as always, nothing if not loyal to those who had done right by him.

During his time tending bar Urthwyte met all sorts of interesting people. Mr. Armitage was often seen in any number of establishments meeting with any number of disreputable people (who often resembled Urthwyte, in demeanor if not appearance). Before signing back up with Sister Maria the bartender sometimes took work with the fixer, and they’ve kept in touch since. A bar is also a good place to make exchanges of a less-than-legal sort, and that’s how Urthwyte made the acquaintance of Gaileoin. The hybrid often tolerated the smuggler using his place of work as an ‘office’, and Gaileoin actually gave Urthwyte his customized BKI armor for looking the other way on a particularly sensitive deal. They haven’t talked in a while, but they’re in each other’s speed dial.


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