Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

Beach Weekend Session
The big debut

Richard Truehart’s staffing firm, Pattern Solutions, has expanded into Black Ops. Truehart has fielded security staff before, but the sort of flexible teams demanded as deniable assets is a new challenge for him. Using his skill identification methods, he ends up contracting a fairly unconventional team:

A Catholic nun
A badger hybrid bartender
A security android in a kawaii chassis
A psionic reader
A bounty hunter
A cyborg
Robert Hackerman (guess what his specialty is)

Truehart has been contracted to find proof that Scientology stole the DNA and fabrication designs to a Simulacrum built by a small startup called FabWorks. At the same time, FabWorks wants proof that Ravenlocke, the security firm they initially hired, is trying to dupe them. This simulacrum is scheduled to be rolled out at a massive Scientology event in Rehoboth Beach, the NAC’s hottest (and least flooded by sea level rise) resort town. After showing up, Truehart gathers the team and sets them up on a relatively tense conference call with Kara Fogel, the FabWorks founder. Her emotional investment is showing through, but Truehart keeps things mostly on the level. After the briefing, the team heads in different directions. Sister Maria Constance has some old underworld contacts from her time running an orphanage, and makes a few calls. Dino, the group’s resident psionic, heads straight to the local Scientology Center to talk to whoever is available. And Urthwyte, the bartender, heads into his home turf…a local bar.

Sister Maria is connected with a local mob tough who has connections in security rackets in the town. According to him, his typical guys were cut out of their typical roles, and Ravenlocke is running the ship. After hearing about the job, he gets Sister Maria on the event list, using the VIP passes he received from Ravenlocke as an “apology”.

Dino’s trip to the Scientology Center is a bit more eventful. Using his psychic power he’s able to trick the e-meter, causing a fearful reaction in the glassy-eyed tour auditor he’s with. She calls down the Center Director, who is impressed with his mental power and invites him to meet with the Scientology Chief Technologist who is in town. The meeting is scheduled to take place at the event that night.

Urthwyte heads to a local bar after hearing stories about some off-duty security guards who have been getting drunk and disorderly at a number of local watering holes. It doesn’t take much information to figure out that it’s the same guys at every bar, at at one bar they even stiffed the bartender, which left the transaction open on the cash register. Using a credchip trace (they only stiffed him on the last round), Urthwyte and Robert Hackerman find that the credchip was issued through a Ravenlocke disbursal account.

Sister Maria heads to the hotel, and starts chewing out both a few of the guards and the hotel bartender, who denies serving the rowdy guards. She is thrown out of the hotel, but gets an anonymous phone call asking to come back in and meet on the 15th floor lounge. The guards reluctantly escort her to the elevator. Once upstairs she meets James Hoffmann, Ravenlocke District VP and event manager. They have a chat about FabWorks, and about the dupe…James explains the double booking issue, and his intent to return the money to FabWorks. Among a longer conversation, James does “let slip” that Scientology has a reserved block of rooms on the second floor the Ravenlocke guards aren’t allowed anywhere near, and that if she or her team were to enter them, they’d be out of his jurisdiction.

The event draws near, and the team gets to the hotel where it’s taking place. Dino is brought to a room on the second floor, where the Chief Technologist reveals his opinions about psychics and physically threatens him. The rest of the team, who had given him a dead man’s switch for that very purpose, rushes the restricted hotel block, using flashbangs, firearms and monowire to quickly overwhelm the Scientology guards. The group saves Dino, takes the shellshocked Chief Technologist hostage, and steals back one of the simulacrum decanters, all while the gala goes on downstairs uninterrupted. They escape out the back in an unmarked van, leaving Delaware to regroup.


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