From IZ1 sourcebook “Hostile Takeover”:

Chimera is the world leader in biotechnology and related industries. This publicly-traded company run out of Brasillia, Brazil, makes some of the world’s best hybrid technologies, simulacrum, and pharmaceuticals. They also have a sizable market share in the hard-tech cybernetics world, and produce much of Brazil’s military might through its many subsidiaries.
Though they make a show of being a compassionate company, anyone who works in the industries Chimera involves itself in knows this is a front, and that the corporation is as ruthless as they come. They are also known to be bitter rivals with Golden Promise.

Trappings: Ruthless, Military Contractor, Awesome R&D, Cornered the Market (Biotech)

The characters know Chimera as the biotech firm which bought out Fabworks, the client they worked for in session 1. Though located in Brazil, the company has offices in Chicago (unaligned/GLU), Syracuse (Atlantica), and Denver (NAC).


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