Scions of Liberty

From IZ1 sourcebook “Boston: Broken Cradle of Liberty”:

If you’re gonna be cruising around Beantown trying to find work or do jobs, you’re gonna want to be aware of the Scions of Liberty. In spite of the high ideals the name might imply, these guys are basically little more than terrorists, pure and simple—in fact, they’re probably the single most active anarchist group operating in the city. Although their current propaganda states they’re trying to—how do they put it?—‘throw off the shackles of imperialist domination and the boot of military might placed firmly upon the common man’s throat’, the fact of the matter is that martial law can be blamed almost entirely on the SOL.

You see, twenty years ago—when the armistice was signed and all the new borders were being drawn—the Scions of Liberty sprang into existence, causing mayhem and blowing things up. only, at the time, their mantra was more along the lines of ‘returning to proper American values and resisting the socialist oppression’. Yep, tomo… it’s fair to say the scions just don’t like the government of Atlantica, plain and simple, which is why some people look toward the north American Coalition with an arched eyebrow and wonder if the NAC hasn’t been offering a little ‘encouragement’ to the SOL all along.

Anyway… from almost day one, the scions started taking credit for various acts of terrorism in Boston against the new government. Important people started getting nervous, and martial law was declared. the bottom line for you is that the Scions of Liberty can represent either a source of potential employment, or a source of serious trouble… depending on your line of work.

In IZ2, a major set of bombings occur during the two years between when IZ1 and IZ2 are set. While the SoL did not take credit for the bombings, there is significant suspicion that NAC was involved. Further investigation revealed that the bombings were possibly the work of a third party trying to agitate to war, but the dirty laundry the Atlantica bombings revealed made it much more difficult for NAC to deny their support of SoL. The group has been relatively quiet recently, but they are the most likely source of NAC sleeper agents in Atlantica and have been (as the group confirmed during the DIT spy mission) collaborating with Bradbury and (indirectly) the ACC in working within the Atlantica borders.

Scions of Liberty

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