Interface Zero: Pattern of Entropy

January 3rd session

A man, a plan, a man-made island

Chimera called a meeting with the Pattern team to discuss the fallout from the attempted Subarashii extraction. Putting everything out on the table, Ravenlocke’s continued collaboration with the ACC and violent expeditions outside of their jurisdiction has worried the firms, and action is seen as necessary. An agreement is put in place: go down to the LaCroix compound in the Cayman Islands for the annual C7 conference, and disrupt the ACC’s attendance, preferably in front of everyone. The payoff? A set of dubs for the entire party, valued at a cool quarter-million credits each.

The elements are put in place. Urthwyte finds a smuggler friend who brings booze to the compound who is able to provide an escape route, in exchange for lending him a luxury yacht. Herbie leads the team to a potential mole in the electronic security team, and Sister Maria uses her religious contacts to find an original leader in LaCroix’s URF. Turns out Bradbury’s dalliances with Ravenlocke have not been known the LaCroix and the C7 administrators, and Sister Maria’s fact-finding call turns into a security flare-up of the highest order. Hoffmann informs the group of RFPs from Golden Promise and Belorussian Steel that crossed his desk, and his theories about the tension the team just inadvertently exposed. Looks like the group may have started the corporate war before even showing up on the island…



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