From IZ1 sourcebook, “Hostile Takeover”:

This publicly-traded Japanese computer firm is well known the world over for its creation of the dubbing technology, which allows consciousness to be uploaded into a sophisticated computer, allowing the dead and dying to live on as a virtual being when their body has failed. Subarashii dubbing is much more sophisticated than that found elsewhere, which also has the side-benefit that many of the company’s employees choose to continue their existence after death. in fact, the present CEO, Ryoko Nakamura, is a Dub.

The company has a long tradition of mutual work with Chimera, who provides top-of-the-line bodies so that dubbed personalities can operate in the physical world. Subarashii also has strong ties to the shogunate military. Only shogunate citizens who have served in the military (and are therefore samurai) are allowed to serve in managerial positions.

• Trappings: Cornered Market (shogunate
Computer tech), Military Contractor, National
(Japanese shogunate), Dubbs on the Payroll.

Subarashii is Iggy’s former employer. Shuzo Iwahara, Iggy’s boss, was killed in mysterious circumstances, though is rumored to be brought back as a dub. The team has been working with Subarashii to help defend documents implicating a secret collaboration between them and Chimera.


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